Corissa Sivorot

Farmers walk Goldstream Park, BC

Corissa Sivorot

Ok what should you know about me?  Let’s start with some of the things that I love: I love my friends, I love my family, I love my cat. I love to have fun, laugh, play and tend to encourage this atmosphere in my classes and personal sessions. I love all types of exercise; I love to sweat. Yoga, kettlebells, lifting, burpees, running, jumping, hiking, dancing, and am open to trying almost anything (maybe even Prancercise??) And I love food! Raw food, cooked food, organic food, colorful food, sweet food, spicy food, fresh food.

Things I don’t love: writing bios.  Mean people. Doing dishes?

I was born and raised on the Saanich Pennisula of Vancouver Island, and am still in awe of the island’s beauty. Growing up on the island, being active in the outdoors was a big part of my life. However, I have not been without struggles in my pursuit of fitness and I recognize I am still a work in progress…(Newsflash: being ‘fit’ isn’t a permanent state or a destination. It is a lifestyle. It takes dedication. But it is so worth it!)

My personal journey towards a fitter lifestyle has evolved through the enjoyment of sports (and the vanity of looks) to the pursuit of feeling good, strong and healthy as I get older. I strive (not without struggle) for fitness goals above and beyond ‘looking good in spandex’ and encourage my clients to do the same. Aiming to do a pull up or 20 push ups on your toes WILL change the way you look. More importantly, it will change the way you feel. I have finally started to make peace with my muscular physique- stepping off the scale has been one of the most powerful parts of my journey. I have begun to lean into my strengths instead of working against them (so liberating!) and continue to work at becoming the best version of myself.  My aim is to help others do the same.  Being healthy is just as much about your mind as it is about your body. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and would be honored to be a part of your fitness journey.

I am a strength enthusiast, a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer, Agastu Kettlebell Instructor, and a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher.

Happy Swinging!


Miranda Scott 

My bio is not one you would expect, as I am a recent convert to exercise. I was never active as a child, never played on any teams or cared much for any type of exercise. Youth, in its generosity, provided me with a seemingly endless supply of health and energy.

Tough Mudder 2013

Tough Mudder Whistler 2013

I then found myself in my mid-thirties, balancing two children, a husband, a home and two businesses. Years of being a busy hairstylist had taken its toll and I was dealing with chronic pain in my shoulders. My posture was poor, I was overweight and had very little energy. I recognized that youth was slipping away, as it does, and the aches, pains, and pounds of middle age were setting in. I knew if I continued down the path I was on, my health would continue to deteriorate and I would be old before my time. I needed to make some changes. The time had come for me to take my health into my own hands.

I knew that these changes couldn’t only be cosmetic. It wasn’t about appearance, (although that would be a nice side effect) and it couldn’t be temporary. This was about health and it was for life. I didn’t want to look like a supermodel (well, maybe just a little…), what I wanted was to be able to lift the kid’s bikes into the back of the truck without help, or to be able run up the stairs without getting winded, and to be able to laugh at the grocery clerk when he asked if I needed help carrying my groceries to the car. What I wanted was to be able to take life by the horns until I was an old, old lady. Old habits had to be broken and new ones had to be formed. What a daunting task! I needed some support so I hired a personal trainer.

I started slow, ½ an hour a week was all I could dedicate to my trainer. As time went on something started to happen. I was getting stronger! And I liked it! I carved out more time in my schedule and allotted it to fitness. I got even stronger, but not just in a physical way.  Challenging my body made me challenge what I believed about myself. I had to let go of my perceived limitations. I had to dig deep to find the focus, determination and perseverance needed to lift heavier, run longer, push harder. A mental strength was building, a confidence in my abilities. An attitude about life that nothing was impossible, challenges were exciting and to be met head on.

At this point, I was so passionate about fitness and movement and the sense of empowerment that came along with all of the other health benefits that I decided to become a trainer myself. I am an Agatsu Certified Kettlebell Instructor and Certified Joint Mobility Instructor. I am a  BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor and will soon be a personal trainer and yoga instructor.

My goal is to help people find their own inner strength.


Sarah Jolliffe

Sarah found her passion for health and wellness during a dark period of her life where she struggled with body image issues, anger, andsubstance abuse. It was at this time that her hopeful mother bought her three Windsor Pilates dvds that she began to do religiously as she realized she could get that same rush of energy, happiness, and release from exercise that she was receiving from her other less than healthy hobbies. While it didn’t happen overnight, or without relapse, Sarah has changed her life for the better, placing value on her health, which she continues to work at it to this day.

2015 San Fran West Coast Classic

Sarah is drawn to activities that challenge her mentally and physically. As a result, Sarah has run in a variety of events, ranging from 5k’s to half-marathons, including Canada’s toughest 10k… twice. Recently she competed in her first kettlebell competition at the Victoria Kettlebell Classic, where she cleaned and jerked the bell 108 times to place first in her weight category, and overall for her age group.

In addition to these sporting events, Sarah is involved with participating in and organizing sporting events to raise money for charities. She recently biked 86km to raise money for the MS Society, having only learned how to ride a bike a year ago, and months prior organized the Hustle for Hunger through her workplace to raise money for the local food bank.

Looking back at her journey to where she is today, Sarah recognizes the value that having a positive, solid support team behind her played in her success. Recognizing its importance, this is what Sarah strives to provide her clients with as they make their steps towards a healthier self.

Sarah is in the final stages of completing her degree in Recreation and Health Education, is a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer and Strength Trainer, and an Agatsu certified Kettlebell Instructor.