Whether you want to master your technique or increase your fitness level, Kettlebell classes are for you. In these classes, you can expect a mix of HIIT circuits (High Intensity Interval Training), strength and agility training, body weight exercises, mobility drills and coaching on proper technique. Oh and some sweaty laughs!  I ♥ Kettlebells.

 What the $#*@ is a Kettlebell??

A kettlebell is a training tool dating all the way back to ancient Greece and has more recently been used in Russian military and athletic physical training. Do not be afraid! When properly instructed, kettlebells are safe enough to be used by the young, the old, and those pre and post-injury. They can also challenge the most seasoned athlete and can take you to that next level of fitness.

Kettlebells differ from conventional weights since momentum is used along with strength and coordination, improving strength and cardiovascular endurance. (Cardio while strength training? You bet!)  The unique movements have an unparalleled effect on the stabilizing muscles, especially the core.

No single form of resistance training can compete!

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*Try my NEW Kettlebell Yoga combo class-45 mins of kettlebell intensity followed by 30 min of yoga*