Strong body, strong mind. When you're strong, every day life seems a bit easier. Develop the strength to become the best version of you!


It's about finding balance in your training, diet and life. It's about creating a lifestyle that makes you feel good, inside and out!


Self love, non-judgement, compassion and understanding are all integral parts in becoming the best version of you ♥ Love yourself and treat your body, mind and spirit well.

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states~ Carol Welch


This is a place where strength is built and celebrated! We focus on progress, not perfection.

Our aim at Work it Out Fitness is to make exercise fun in an encouraging and inclusive atmosphere. We focus on building strong and confident individuals both inside and outside the gym. It definitely won't be easy. But it'll be so worth it!

♥”Corissa is awesome! Really great energy!”

“Classes are well organized with lots of instruction. Workout is a challenge in a fun atmosphere.”

“Corissa has a great attitude and really stays positive and helps you through new motions.” Read full testimonial…

“I wanted to say thank you for all your classes, and particularly the support that you give, to push me to do a bit more. All your efforts are paying off because this afternoon I did three laps of Beacon Hill Park ( 9.3 km total) as a walk/run. This is a dream and a personal best for me.
I couldn’t have done it without the kettlebell classes.


Graham L

“I just wanted to say thanks for having such great classes, and for being such a great instructor. Your classes are a pleasure to attend, I always feel like I learned something – that you engaged my mind as well as my body. And I always feel like you’re connecting with the class and care about what’s going on. So I just wanted to say, thanks for being awesome.

You are most appreciated!”

Susan H.