Classes I teach could be termed Hatha Flow, Vinyasa inspired, full of sun salutations (who wouldn’t want to salute the sun??), balancing postures, spinal twists, heart, hip and mind openers, combined with a few core strengthening Pilates exercises. Try out a class for FREE and see if you fall in love with Yoga the way I have. It just makes you feel so good!


I believe music has a powerful effect on human beings. Music inspires movement, relaxation, reflection and meditation. In my classes we move and breath with rhythms by the likes of Pretty Lights, Air, M83, and Florence & the Machine.

Beginners Welcome!

New to Yoga? I encourage you to come try a class. Yoga teaches self-acceptance and non-comparison or judgement.  We are all on our own journey at are at different stages of learning. Modifications are offered to challenge each individual.

Private Yoga sessions are available and are tailored toward individual needs.

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*Try my NEW Kettlebell Yoga combo class-45 mins kettlebell intensity followed by 30 mins of yoga*